About Andrei’s

About Andrei’s

Andrei’s exuberance and creativity were a force to be reckoned with – especially in the kitchen and behind the bar. When he was diagnosed with a retinal eye disease in his 20s, he also became very aware of the impact that nutrition has on our health. Eating organic, local food became a way of life for him, long before the rest of the world had caught on to its benefits. In celebration of Andrei’s beautiful life,  the Olenicoff family opened a restaurant dedicated to those very same principles. Since 2009, Andrei’s has been sourcing and serving only the best local and organic ingredients for their kitchen and bar. We believe that healthy and happy go hand-in-hand.

100% of the restaurant’s net profits benefit The Andrei Foundation, which supports many charitable causes and organizations. For more information, go to www.andreifoundation.com.


Executive Chef – Yves Fournier

Paris-born Yves Fournier succumbed to the kitchen at the tender age of 15, he enrolled at the prestigious Ecole Gregoire-Ferrandi culinary school, beginning a rigorous three-year education during which he apprenticed at various restaurants, honing his craft at celebrated Parisian kitchens like Fauchon and Michel Pasquet. Fournier came to America in 1998 and landed jobs at Manhattan’s Côte Sud and Pitchoune, before being appointed Executive Sous Chef at the legendary Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller Center. Yves joined Andrei’s as Executive Chef upon opening in 2009 and he has crafted the award-winning menu ever since. His menu at Andrei’s is a celebration of our bountiful California ingredients which are not masked by elaborate sauces or complicated by fussy presentations. His training in formal cuisine gastronomique aside, the affable French chef has fallen in love with the simple cooking that our regional agriculture affords. When he’s not in the kitchen, he can usually be found at home with his wife, Elyssa, a pastry chef, and their children, Maxime and Solenne.