To us, serving food and drinks is not enough. It’s important to go further, to think responsibly and to care deeply about all aspects of sourcing and preparing our food, serving it with style and creating an environment where sharing a meal enhances relationships with family and friends. That’s what Andrei’s is all about.

Named in memory of Andrei Olenicoff, the restaurant embodies his very best traits – his sense of adventure, his commitment to sustainability, and his openness to new friends, new ideas and new experiences.

You’ll find that Andrei’s is a warm, inviting place to visit, for lunch or for dinner, around a table or at the bar, with a group or by yourself, after work or to end the night.Yet each and every time you visit, we promise to share our passion for a restaurant experience in which every detail has been carefully and, yes, consciously considered with your enjoyment in mind.


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